Fiberglass Expert Program

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Program Description

Expand your knowledge in fiberglass piping with our Fiberglass Expert Program. Designed to empower technical teams within operating companies, our program provides invaluable resources, including webinars, newsletters, regular meetings with industry experts, and on-site visits.

Why You Should Join

By participating in our program, you'll gain insights into the latest developments, best practices, and emerging trends in the field. Whether you're involved in managing a refinery, petrochemical plant, power plant, or desalination plant, our program equips you with the expertise needed to navigate fiberglass-related challenges effectively.

For Whom

The Fiberglass Expert Program is tailored for operating companies seeking to elevate the proficiency of their technical teams. Whether you're an engineering firm or an engineering manager responsible for overseeing critical infrastructure, our program is designed to meet your specific needs and requirements.



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Gain access to a series of short webinars that dive into various technical subjects related to fiberglass piping.




Stay informed with our newsletters, which cover a range of topics including technical subjects, updates to fiberglass codes (such as ISO 14692), and real-world case studies.


Regular Meetings

Engage in regular meetings with FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) experts to discuss technical subjects specific to fiberglass piping. These meetings are held once or twice per year at your location.

Join the Fiberglass Expert Program Today

Take your expertise in fiberglass piping to the next level and become a trusted resource within your organization. Join the Fiberglass Expert Program today and gain access to resources and industry insights.

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